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December 7, 2012

Diversity Sites for the Picking

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Well, the other day the site had an accident. I caused it. There was a tweak this and a tweak that and a position this to a better place and a “how do I fix that” moment. Four hours into this project, something looked like it was precisely the answer to getting things fixed. I opened the menu, selected what should be eliminated, and then clicked “Delete.” All of the Community and Blogroll links disappeared. Oops.

Fortunately, they’re still on the backend of the site. But that does you readers little to no use. [Donchajestluvit when you make more work for yourself when your goal was to get things more organized, streamlined, and easier to manage?]

Today, I’m sharing with you the Career Opportunity links that used to be in the side bar. The great thing about the Opportunity links that were in this category is that they all relate to diversity in some way. Given that state of affairs (as well as the timing), a few additional sites are included in this summary. There’s no easy way to organize these. The list was alphabetical without regard to genre; so that order is maintained now.

  • Career Opportunities is the folder located at Entrances Bulletins. New opportunities from various sites are added there, sometimes on a daily basis. In fact, you can register to be a Basic/Free member and then post any opportunities you know of in that folder. Just make certain what you post isn’t some type of MLM or pyramid situation. You’ll notice that anything that’s been posted by the owner of the site has an AddThis button so that the post can be shared with a large number of other sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and FaceBook (to name a few). That button can be used liberally. In fact, you can contact the owner of the site and request the script so that the button can be added to your own signature.
  • isn’t a diversity site but it definitely is one you should know about. It offers situations that span the needs of the computer industry. The last time I checked, it was thriving. It offers all types of jobs that are either full time or contract and related to computers.
  • Disaboom Jobs features jobs specifically amenable to people with some type of impairment. It’s vision friendly by virtue of the fact that it has larger type. The newly posted jobs and the featured jobs show the job title as well as the city and state. They also display when the job was posted with the site. (You have an idea of how much of a chance you stand in regard to timeliness of your applying for the situation.) It’s user friendly and easy to navigate. Employers as well as job searchers will find the tabs helpful.
  • Jobs holds a wealth of jobs for a wealth of diversity areas. According to owner Patricia, “We recruit for all types of diversity; as it is defined differently for every person, based on experience,” and she enumerates gender, age, military service, ethnicity, differently-abled, multilingualism, religion, personal orientation, and many more.” It’s simple and straightforward in its presentation which makes it extremely easy to navigate. Those of you involved in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, you’ll be especially attracted to the fact that guest bloggers are invited. You job seekers will appreciate the tools for researching companies.
  • Find Law Career Center is really difficult to find even with the correct URL. Once you’re in there, you’ll find an enormous amount of resources for both job seekers and recruiters. You looking for some special information? Here are some of the categories: Employer Information that includes Salary Charts (FindLaw Exclusive), Employer Directory, Recruiter Information, and the Legal Recruiter Directory, Legal Recruiter Jobs. You can also manage your career with these tools: Law Career Articles, Diversity Center, and the Cool Jobs Newsletter. You want more? Okay. How about Professional Development Center, Outplacement Center, and It’s worth a visit for lawyers, paralegals, librarians, and recruiters. The trick is actually getting into the center.
  • Hirediversity has tons of tools for recruiting and job search. There’s obviously going to be a search tool. There are search articles to help with making the effort less a matter of hit or miss. I like the fact that they have a Diversity Events page that will help you to be at the right place at the right time to rub elbows, shake hands, and talk to the right people for better connections and referrals.
  • VetJobs sports a lot of features one wouldn’t expect from a typical job site. For example, there’s a section for spouses. Although labeled Alliances, this section provides descriptions and links to other job search sites for a great cast of ones career net.

Okay, now they’re restored – here. Visit the page frequently to find out more. Leave comments about your experiences with these sites and your recommendations. Also leave comments to recommend other diversity sites not included in this post. Please give the name of the site, its URL, and a brief description of it so that others can make use of it. (The next time there’s an update about job boards and sites, your recommendation will be included.) They’ll make it even more useful and it will become a vibrant resource instead of yet another list of websites.

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  1. Hello

    The Association of Disabled professionals supports and advises disabled people ,in employment and self employment issues. Disabled people look at all the options open- be it a change in career direction , other ways of doing a job,Job hunting to name a few We also refer to recruitment agencies such as evenbreak where appropriate to do so.

    Web address

    Jane Hunt


    Comment by Jane Hunt — December 9, 2012 @ 6:44 AM | Reply

    • Thanks for raising our attention to EvenBreak as well as Association of Disabled Professionals. Other U.K. and European readers will be very grateful to know about your resources and associations.

      The next time there’s an update on links we need to know about, it’s a certainty that these will be included.

      I look forward to others following you in recommending sites.


      Comment by Yvonne LaRose — December 9, 2012 @ 3:25 PM | Reply

  2. Hello – I’d like to draw your attention to Evenbreak ( which is a not-for-profit specialist job board in the UK for disabled job seekers. It helps inclusive employers (who understand the benefits of a diverse workforce) to attract more talented disabled candidates. It offers jobs across all sectors and of all types from employers who are actively seeking to attract more disabled people. It is the only not-for-profit jobsite run by disabled people for disabled people in the UK, and we believe is the most accessible website.


    Comment by Jane Hatton — December 8, 2012 @ 2:56 PM | Reply

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