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December 2, 2012

Enduring Career and Recruiting Sites

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Now that The Desk features news feed from several sites, the sidebar has become overloaded. It’s time to do some pruning and also time to revisit some of the links in the blogroll to make certain those sites are still active. So with this writing, we’ll discover which sites are archival, which are very active, and the owners of the sites get a little attention.

Not giving any preferential treatment to any, here’s the rundown on the sites.

Being Archived in This Post

Career Hub is a collaborative effort of a number of career coaches. They still offer advice on various aspects of the job hunt. It’s refreshing because it isn’t from one static voice. You can subscribe for email updates in order to be aware of the latest in news.

Electronic Recruiting News isn’t a career search site; it isn’t even a recruiting site. It’s a news blog about the recruiting and HR industries. This is probably the first recruiting blog. It features daily (Monday through Friday) musings on things going on in the industry. In addition, there’s a newsletter (called The Bugler) that informs its readers about all types of doings from events to changes to meetings and more. There’s a blog list that features a blurb from different sites. Then there’s the blogroll that has a list of some of the more significant blogs in the industry. The owner is now Colleen Gildea. This used to be a two-owner publication with employees. I honestly don’t know how Colleen does it as a solo owner except she must have a trove of really spectacular employees. Keep up with what’s going on in the industry by subscribing to and reading ERN.

Then we have Six-Figure Learnings a blog and network established by Dave Opton for those who are executives and recruiters accustomed to dealing in the six-figure earnings brackets. It’s been a while since the blog was updated. This could be attributed to any number of reasons, which reminds me that I need to get in touch with Dave and say “Hello.” I recommend you do so as well. In fact, take the time to read “I’ll Take Networking for $1000 Alex” so you can gain a sense of what networking is all about. “Hi, Dave!”

Kathy Simmons‘s site, Executive Update, has been retired. However, you can still avail yourself of her expertise at Experts Connection. It could be said that Kathy and Dave compete for the same market share.

George Blomgren is the owner of two sites with similar focuses on two different aspects of the employment picture. It appears he’s got a lot on his plate right now as For Job Seekers has not been updated since September 2009. The complement of Job Seekers, For Employers and Recruiters, went dormant at about the same time. The archive still has worthwhile information. You should pay a visit to bring yourself up to date on aspects of the employment strategy that have been baffling you for a while.

It isn’t clear why Go Big Network got into the blogroll except for the fact that it’s a venture capital funding network that matches angel investors with appropriate start-ups. Visit them if starting your own business is one of your goals. Learn about what it takes to qualify and what additional work needs to be done.

Dave Perry and I go back a long way – back to the days of blog swapping. That was a great experience for the sake of learning more about my industry colleagues and establishing a more legitimate business relationship with them above the occasional email. Dave and his partner, like George, post to both a job seeker site as well as a recruiter and employer site. The job seeker aspect for Dave is at Guerrilla Marketing for Job Seekers to provide a wide array of resources (books, CDs, articles, coaching, and more) to make your job search fearless, solid, and successful. Be certain to read some of the success stories he has posted on the site. You’ll be inspired. The other side of the picture is Perry-Martel International, the executive search arm of Dave’s services.

How do I describe Lime Connect? It’s a business, it’s a service, it’s an organization that offers fellowships to help those with disabilities. These people in turn fill the employment market gaps so that they are engaged in fulfilling careers while earning meaningful compensation and new skills from exploiting all resources available to businesses. What are market gaps? Go to their site and read about Breaking the Mold.

Secrets of the Job Hunt is another of those sites where I don’t have a real relationship with the owner. However, I found the site while surfing many years ago and it resonated with me in regard to the advice and resources it offers. Visit them.


Okay. That’s the roundup. If you want to find these sites after today, you’ll just have to return to this post and cull through the descriptions. That means you’ll have to bookmark this post. But you enjoy my cavalier style. So just come by and leave a comment about what you were looking for or whether you found these summaries to be accurate. If not, give us your version of what the sites are about.

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  1. I hope the other two will remain available as archival content. Meanwhile, it looks like I need to visit TalentLine411 to see what’s happening there!

    Thanks a lot, George!


    Comment by Yvonne LaRose — December 4, 2012 @ 9:27 PM | Reply

  2. Good info, Yvonne! As you note, the two blogs of mine you listed are inactive. I’d instead recommend, which I coauthor with fellow blogger/podcaster Todd Nilson.


    Comment by George Blomgren — December 4, 2012 @ 6:57 AM | Reply

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