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September 19, 2011

It’s The Season

Has anyone looked at the calendar recently? Especially important to those who are looking for permanent work, The Season is nearly upon us. “What’s The Season,” you’re asking. The holiday season when retail businesses start hiring their seasonal workers who help serve the glut of shoppers. According to an informal interview I had with a Target manager, getting hired as a non-seasonal person (translates into “not temporary”) means you’re more likely to be kept on after January.

We got into details. First, the seasonal workers are there for about three months. The hiring period for them starts in October. By the end of the season (which ostensibly ends after January), the seasonal workers are let go. It isn’t clear whether these people realize there’s a short life to their tenure at Target but that’s the reality of their situations. Seasonal workers are not held over for more than three months.

On the other hand, Target is also hiring regular staff. Regular staff (store associates) may start off on the floor and serving customers. That’s Target’s identity – good customer service. But those non-seasonal hires enjoy a special status that people with experience and a good amount of education may want to look into as a possible plus. Target has a special niche for them. They are eligible for being promoted and designing their career path with the store, even moving into the professional ranks.

We keep listening to the monthly Jobs Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the picture isn’t good. In fact, last month, there was no positive movement in terms of numbers of new hires or new openings. That does not hold true for Target is constantly hiring, has a relatively low turnover, and is looking for good people. According to the manager, they offer very good benefits and have a very positive atmosphere.

For those of you who want to return to the Retail Industry, you may want to investigate the industry and consider applying at Target before The Season begins. If later, find a way to interview with the understanding that you’re not interested in seasonal work.

Target is hiring.

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