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August 20, 2010

Career Tip: Uniqueness and Replications

All over the world there are trillions of people. Some of them have similar experiences while others have more or less experience with such things. At some point in time, they all will have some introduction to the situation and learn the same thing but in their part of the world and environment.

It makes sense, then, that these people will discuss those experiences with others. Sometimes the conversation will happen at approximately the same time as their counterpart in another part of the globe or some time in the future. The point is there is a similarity of thought and conversation in many places. Such is the nature of the universal mind. They are spreading and sharing knowleged, most likely for the benefit of others.

While there are instances where someone who is near us (either physically, in reading matter, or via some online conversation) will intentionally repeat what they’ve heard us say and claim ownership of the unique thought. There are other times when the universal mind has not played a part in the repetition. Know the distinction between the two. In the first instance the pretender will expose their lack of unique knowledge. It will be difficult for them to support a conversation about the subject matter, come up with unique approaches to the task, or explain how to execute the responsibilities.

Applicant Uniqueness

In job search, an employer will gather a group of applicants who all have very similar qualifications that match the job description. What the employer is seeking is the one candidate (sometimes more) who is most qualified to do the work and who has the best personality fit with the company brand, enterprise personnel, and corporate clientele.

Many job seekers think of their fellow applicants as competition that needs to be, like a political foe, undermined in some what in order to cut them out of picture. This is a short-sighted approach to qualifying your own self for the position in order to be hired.

Just as a business makes itself stand out from other brands because of something they have that meets the consumer’s needs or preferences, so it goes with the applicants for the job. It’s your responsibility to get to know who you are and what makes you specially suited for the job — or not suited for the job. You need to know your brand and why employers want your special additive for the productivity requirements they have.

Rather than browbeat your competition by panning their unique expertise, differentiate yourself by talking about how they are very good but what you have to offer is even better because of its uniqueness. Give examples of when and where it paid off. Leave the interviewers with the impression that they just got through talking to a winner who’s also up to date on being a solution to their problems.

You’re not a replication, you’re unique. You are part of the universal mind and knowledge but you have a unique approach to it. One day you’ll collaborate with others of that mind in order to create something really great. It will be magnificent because of the many perspectives and experiences that formulated solving the problem and producing good results.

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