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July 16, 2009

The Word Is “Green”Peace

Irrespective of what I’m attempting to complete of the articles and blog posts started as far back as April and May, Greenpeace representatives are dotting the landscape around downtown L.A. to raise awareness. I’ve been accosted by six of their people in the past two hours and within a distance of two blocks.

The first representative has a clever way of capturing her audience and overcoming “No.” She opens by asking if I have a minute to talk about Greenpeace. The response is “No.” She replies with something on the order of well we’re already talking and that’s part of the minute I’m asking for and proceeds to start speaking about Greenpeace.

Her words are actually quite interesting. There’s something about companies that aren’t being socially responsible with the environment and how Greenpeace is making an effort to encourage them to be more responsible in regard to the way they’re doing business. But I have yet to get to a place where my laptop and I can become symbiotic in order to record this information as it’s delivered. So I simply walk away while saying I don’t have time.

The representative has been effective in persuasive speaking. She has put an issue before me and caused me to think about it. As I make my way to the next bus stop, I peruse the concept of how many companies have indeed gone green, to what degree, in what ways, and how much more effort is required to satisfy such organizations as Greenpeace. I’m already quite aware that the new marketplace for jobs is in the “Green” industry. Thus, answers to these and other questions begin to develop predictors of tye number and types of jobs that will grow out of this effort.

Will getting people more involved in being socially responsible as it relates to the environment actually make a meaningful difference in our quality of life? Will this renewed effort actually create jobs for our slagging economy?

I finally reach a Starbucks and put out of my mind that this is one corporation that is making “green” efforts by supporting ethos water and fair trade coffees which are independent coffee grower cooperatives that develop and sell at a guaranteed fair market market price.

It’s possible to learn more about becoming responsible and “green” by going to the Green America Business Network. In perusing the many facets of being green, you can literally be knocked off your feet as you see the simple, short list of suggestions for becoming “green” and responsible. Is it any wonder that this is the new burst of energy and burgeoning industry of the New Millennium?

We may think that jobs are shrinking and being cut out but that is not true. What we need is a good crop of these New Millennium babies who can be creative with the ways we do things. The ones who enjoy the earth and appreciate the give and take relationship that needs to be maintained in order for us to retain the essential balance between industrial progress and using the most responsible means to achieve progress.

I’m accosted by the Greenpeace workers a second time as I step out of Starbucks’ frigid house so that I can rewarm my body to it’s normal temperature. This time, it is I who wants information from Greenpeace and they are the ones who are backpedaling. Which corporations are being responsible, is what I ask. The response contains easily recognized names such as Apple [Green], HP, Microsoft. But I press the issue. In what ways are they being responsible? There’s some hmm’ing and hawing and one of the three comes up with an excuse to not speak with me any longer because they’re not allowed.

In order to overcome the objection, I reveal my identity as a journalist in the recruiting industry and that I’m very interested in the new “green” industry that holds so much promise for employers and recruiters. But the cluster of representatives say they are not allowed to talk while they are in uniform. I overcome the objection by telling them that I’m working inside the Starbucks and I would like to interview them, to record what they have to tell me about the corporations that are being responsible and what other methods can be used to do even more. But the objection comes up again that they are not allowed to do that.

“That” is quite nebulous. I assure them that I would not be having them do any solicitation. I merely want to interview them in order to capture their words about the green policy. Again, they say they’ll have to check but they’re not allowed to do interviews while in uniform.

Well, it seems to me that as long as I was a mere ant in the ant trail of Life I was fair game for being captured and pulled into the hyperbole about being green and the benefits of supporting Greenpeace. But when I became a person who would listen attentively and then report what I learned, they could no longer speak to me. In fact, the cluster of three or four representatives disappeared about five to ten minutes after I returned to my table at the Starbucks.

Let me leave you with these thoughts. The Green Industry is very definitely here. There are many types of jobs available in this new industry. Take a look at the Greenpeace home page to see the many inroads that have already taken place and what they have to say about what can still be done to open up new ways to save the environment and the economies of both this and other countries. Just considering those last five words makes me feel we don’t have to be in the economic depression if we use the Green initiative to pry open those doors.

Oh, that’s right. There are all those other considerations that also get in the way of hiring the best. But this is at least a start.

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