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July 2, 2008

A Stand-up Guy

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A couple of months ago, some interesting mail came to The Desk. It was a request for a recommendation to be published on LinkedIn. That is a fantastic place to have your recommendations and testimonials published. They’re in a tabbed section so that they’re segregated and easy to find. But they’re also part of your entire profile so that they can be viewed in relation to all the rest of your history.

The other reason this was interesting was because it forced me to consider the why of my respecting someone in the recruiting industry. In a few words, I was being called upon to talk about the work we’d done together, their ethics, their personal characteristics that make them strong in what they do.

Finally, this was interesting because it was from one of those I thought would always be with the same employer for all of the years that I know him. It goes to show, some industry giants do move, but not too often.

The request came from Craig Silverman.

Now Craig is one of those people you don’t get a chance to meet very often. He’s an executive, and an extremely busy one. He’s constantly putting people together, building and maintaining relationships, building business, and doing outreach. He makes excellent presentations. I’ve attended several of his online meetings. He made them sound easy and spontaneous yet I had the impression there were a lot of tools on his side that needed to be managed in order to keep things going smoothly and the audience engaged. And I’ve responded to a few of his calls for content and been very satisfied with how my contributions were handled.

The other thing about Craig that impresses me is his ethics. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of difficulty with making the right decision for the right reasons. His decisions are based on good logic and reasoning. When faced with a challenge he will not compromise his principles. I can rely on his choices and behavior; it is predictable. Even when I see him aligned with a group whose politics and practices are repulsive, I realize his choice of association is a prudent move because it keeps him included and connected in order to know what is happening in the indusry. His association means he’s aware, not that he’s sold out.

Craig is one of those people who deserves quite a few words of affirmation and I was delighted he thought of asking me. The trouble was, I could not submit the recommendation for him. It seems LinkedIn will only allow one recommendation per evaluator and I’ve already written one assessment of Craig. Not to be outdone, I determined that the next thing I could do was to send what I’d written about him to Craig so that he could publish it where he wanted. The other thing I could do is publish the evaluation here on The Desk.

Here’s what I said in my second evaluation of Craig Silverman:

I’ve known Craig Silverman since the early days of my return to the recruiting and staffing industry. Although it seems like that may have been since 2000, it may have been a little later. However, I do know that whenever I read his words in a discussion thread, they were the ones among those that made the most sense. He quickly became one of the strong voices in the industry that for me was most sound and reliable in terms of how to effectively get things done.

Craig is a fount of information. He knows his subject. He knows how to work with people at every level in order to get good results for everyone. Craig is thorough, detail oriented, and it appears he knows how to quietly wear a lot of hats and keep things under control.

It wasn’t until the 2006 ERE industry conference that I finally had the opportunity to meet Craig in person. Even then, as well known as he is, he demonstrated something that has always impressed me about him — always closing. Craig humbly reminds his audience of who he is, his accomplishments, and abilities. This is a very positive attribute. Our memories tend to be too short.

I hope in this lifetime I have an chance to meet and work with a lot of people like Craig Silverman. He’s reliable, trustworthy, and extremely astute about a large number of business situations.

And here’s what I had to say about Craig back in September 2006. It felt good to realize the assessment was so close to the other. According to a recent notice, Craig will shortly be starting a new situation.

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