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February 19, 2007

Best Cities for Work

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AOL’s Money & Finance section has an interesting article about the best cities to find a job in the United States.

Location and sights is one matter. Those were part of the evaluation for lawyer jobs. Another part of determining the best place to work is economy, wages, and cost of living. Those are the determinants used in the February 16 article from Forbes, as well as the article that talks about the 25 top ciites.

And which cities ranked highest? Raleigh, NC topped the list. Number five on the list was an eye-opener. Washington, D.C. has all the positives for getting the work life revved up and going. Florida cities came in next, followed by Honolulu. Arizona seems to be a very good state for all the right reasons, as well as Oklahoma City. And the study found that the Southeast and Southwest are definitely the places that have the right mix.

Cities that hit the bottom of the list were surprising. But considering their popularity and concommitant attributes, to learn that New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston were in the lower 25 percent doesn’t really raise eyebrows. Unemployment in those cities is high; so are housing costs. Job growth (and, therefore, job opportunities) is low.

How this data should be viewed in order to come up with the optimal place to live poses an interesting task. As the results are analyzed, the realization becomes clear that the Median Household Income figure is a ranking that should have a low number because the income is high. The Unemployment Rank sought should be high because unemployment is so negligible. As for Income Growth, well that ranking should be in the small digits which would mean that the city is near the top of the list for growing income. Cost of Living should also be a number that is high, meaning the cost of living is one of the lowest of the cities ranked. Finally, the Job Growth ranking should find the city ranked as low as possible (that is 1 to 10) to indicate jobs are growing at a healthy rate. These patterns would make an interesting Excel chart.

Are you wondering where to go after college in order to find your dream job? Check the Forbes list and then start researching companies in those areas.

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